Learning Goal: To understand how a variety of media text/forms can assist me in accomplishing different educational goals.

STEPS FOR Embedding Media into a variety of Subject Areas

  1. Identifying projects/assignments that would benefit from the use of media
  2. Research different media forms that would fit the educational goal (Possible projects shared here – check sidebar for a variety of ideas & media forms)
  3. Select a media form to create and submit a project proposal for approval (Plan of Action: Including goal, and a timeline for completion)
  4. Research, and/or draft content for your media text
  5. Create your media text (REVISE TIMELINE AS NEEDED)
  7. Produce and Publish your media text
  8. Reflect and add your media text to your portfolio

SUBJECT SUGGESTION (Very general ideas - just a few to get you thinking)

Language: Need to grab the attention of the audience - Consider creating a engaging slideshow to add to a persuasive presentation - Animoto is a great video slideshow tool that really grabs the attention of your audience.

Math: Math terms are important to understand, but who wants to read a glossary - Why not make a poster to outline key terms and help others understand the "Secret Language of Math" - Glogster.edu is a great poster creation tool that not only provides you with graphic tools, but you can embed video and audio as well to help you explain.

History: Tired of boring text books - why not create an informative and entertaining comic about a key historical figure and help others learn about important events of the past - Bitstrips for Schools has many characters and backgrounds to choose from that easy to customize.

Science: A lot of visual topics are included in science- so you may consider using an animation tool to help you explain a key concept.
You could create a animation to explain the Particle Theory and how molecules move according to temperature. Draw several illustrations and use Movie-Maker to animate them into a video form.

Drama: Lights, Camera, Action - Endless opportunities in Drama, but why not practice using different voices and make a podcast. Use audioboo to Record short clips as different characters that have different points of view on a topic (might be fun acting like your grandma and trying to describe facebook).

Phys-ed: Love sports, and consider yourself a good athlete. Could you break down a skill and create an instruction to help others learn key skills. Use the video recorder on your iPod and make a short help video and edit it using JayCut to edit it.